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About Us

Welcome to our site and Thank You for your interest in Sandpiper Candles. 

What started as a hobby has become an enjoyable business venture in a short time, and we are truly blessed. 

Pouring candles is a creative enjoyable process. which I love. My favorite wax is Natural Soy, and also like a blend of Natural Soy, Coco, and Beeswax. We are always developing and testing new scents & new items. Scent melts have become very popular (a wick-less candle) and is a perfect way to scent your space. Our products are tested by us and our family team to make sure they meet and exceed our standards and yours.
Our approach to creating …. Don’t just do your best, Do whatever it takes. 
We appreciate you supporting our small business! 

“God gives you life and your journey, you create your path”


Choosing our company name SANDPIPER CANDLES was an easy decision. Our beach trips and vacations were spent on the East Coast where the Sandpipers are found. They’re small shore birds that run in the sand on the waters edge, chasing the waves back and forth, just like kiddos do! They remind me of our daughters and grandchildren playing on the beach! Our family time at the beach was always enjoyable, memorable and usually included Sandpipers too.

Thank you for supporting our small business, 

Jeannette, Larry and Family